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Zoya Bharwani and Dr. Jabeen Bharwani Practical Nurse Program Award (407)

This award is established by Esmail Safana Farzana Fayaz Bharwani Foundation to support students in the Practical Nurse Diploma Program at Bow Valley College.

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Awarded to a domestic student who is full time or part time, registered in School of Health and Wellness Practical Nurse Diploma program.
Selection Criteria:
  • Leadership
  • Financial Need
  • Academic competence
  • First Preference given to: members of the Ismaili Muslim community from Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Tanzania or Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Middle Eastern countries 
  •  Value: $400
  • Disbursement: 1 per year